Aston Villa Club Kit

Taking inspirations from the 40th anniversary of the team’s historic European Cup triumph, Aston Villa away kit is predominantly white with claret detailing. A double round neck and contrasting collar is a highlight of its design. Claret pinstripes on the front are connected by the principal sponsor’s name Cazoo. For the purpose of celebrating 40 years since the famous night in 1982, the claret inscription “1981-1982” and a star are proudly displayed at the top of the reverse.

All logos are claret. Two short sleeves are adorned with red panels and finished with light blue and claret pinstripes.

Looking back to the club’s history, the most eye-catching moment would be winning the FA Cup. The Aston Villar 1957 FA Cup Final shirt was an outcome of high profile compromises for television, because black and white TVs need greater contrast. The first controversial challenge was the fractured jaw of Ray Wood. Wood only played in a game and were substituted comprehensively soon when they had to play without a suitable goalkeeper. Finally, the team won the FA Cup. It’s a great chance to pledge allegiance to Villa through donning the classic FA Cup retro shirt.