Royal Espanyol Club Kit 2021/22

KELME and the Royal Espanyol Club jointly unveiled the team’s new home, away and second away jerseys for the 2021-22 season.

The design of the new season’s home and away kits is inspired by one of the most legendary seasons in Espanyol’s history. Both jerseys in the new season interpret the classic jerseys of the 1987-88 season in a modern design language, and relive the moments of victory with fans.

The second away jersey of the new season combines the navy blue tone with the daily casual style. The twill design inspired by the club badge complements the freehand graffiti, which can meet the needs of fans in any occasion.

The modern design language and high-performance fabrics not only enrich the overall details of the jersey, making it fuller and more dynamic, but also meet the individual needs of athletes in different climatic conditions, helping athletes to be more focused and perform well in competitions.In terms of details, the three jerseys in the new season have exquisite club badges on their chests. As a usual design of the Spaniards’ jerseys in recent years, the collars of the three jerseys are all added with the flag of Catalonia. There are nine stripes in total, four red and five yellow, reflecting the Spanish pride as a Catalan team.